How to Create Web Lists That Can Be Accessed Without Login Hotspot

If we use the Mikrotik Hotspot WiFi system, all users who connect to WiFi Hotspot cannot access anything except the hotspot login page itself. After the user login then he can freely access various websites.

Then the question arises, Will the uninstalled hotspot user can access the site/web that we specify? That is the user does not need to login hotspot first to be able to access the certain web. The answer is of course Can.

This feature is already available in Mikrotik Hotspot System, we just use it. This feature is named Walled Garden. By using this Walled Garden we can bypass the authentication process of hotspot login to be able to access certain sites.

How to Create a Web Accessible List Without Having a Hotspot Login is as follows:

1. Go to IP menu -> Hotspot -> Walled Garden Tab -> Add its rule -> Fill Dst Host with web address to bypass -> Select Action allow -> OK


2. We can use wildcard symbol in Dst. Host its. Suppose we use the symbol ‘*’ to replace .com. Here I do because the blog Mikrotik (Example) can be accessed through Other kinds of domains other than .com (eg:, .au, .de, .mx, etc.) So all the characters after. [dot] will be accepted and in bypass. So no need to create rules one by one for. [dot] others.

3. In addition, we can also add characters on the Regular Expression (Regex) other on this Walled Garden.

4. After that we can directly try to access the hotspot login page.

5. So after the web link in the click then the user will directly access the web.

Such is the Tutorial How to bypass Web Access on the Mikrotik Hotspot Login Page.