How to Create Port-Based Vlan for Huawei Network Devices

The easiest way to separate networks is to create a VLAN-based structure. Let’s make a port-based VLAN configuration example on ensp on Huawei switches.

In the buildings A and B, we have computers that belong to different units and let us create a structure where the pcs used by the same unit communicate only to themselves.

Port-Based Vlan for Huawei Network Devices
Port-Based VLAN for Huawei Network Devices


for two units


  • Let’s determine the subnet. In the above network structure pc1 pc3 pc2 pc4 pc4 to communicate with each other as the basis of steps
  • The PC network configuration should be done in accordance with the specified subnet. and a VLAN for subnets must be activated on the switches vlans should be assigned to the ports where pcs will work
  • The link between the two switches should be activated and configured to pass all VLANs.

Let’s configure the PCs ensp after creating the network structure on ensp.




Now let’s switch on the switches.

Set the ports to which the PCs are connected without access / tagless

Let’s set the ports with the connection between the two switches as trunk and allow the passage of 100 to 200 VLANs.

Our network structure is now active. It’s time to check it out.

We do not initiate traffic on the pc as seen on the switch do not see the mac address. Now let’s take p3 from pc1 to ping.

Our configuration worked seamlessly and we could ping from pc1 to pc3. Let’s review mac addresses on switch_a

pc1 is connected to 0/0/1 port and we use 0/0/3 port as we use pc1 and pc3 mac addresses for 100 vlan we see. Now let’s ping pc2 from pc4, then let’s test the configuration for 200 VLAN.

Our test was successful. when we do a mac – vlan control over switch_a

0/0/1, 0/0/2 port pc1 and pc2 and 0/0/3 port pc3 and pc4 are the mac addresses. This is one of the indicators that everything is in order.

The configuration of the switch a and b is as follows.

Let’s look at how to do the vlan-based controls now. With the display vlan, we can see all the VLANs.

If we query for a specific VLAN

If the number of mac address is too much and we want to look for a particular VLAN

We can use.