How to Create a Telegram Bot ID/Chat ID

To create a bot in today’s popular application Telegram and use it as API in applications;
Membership of is required. For this, it is enough to have a working mobile number.

We are installing the Telegram application on our phone.
We validate our mobile phone number for membership and the fields to be requested in the follow-up.
After the membership process, we log on to the telegram web page.
Log in with your member login at the web site and send it to the Telegram application on your phone (not as SMS). The telegram application on our phone will now appear in the browser.
Robot for bot preparation (telegram robot) We are adding BotFather to contact list.
He starts a chat with us, asking us what we want to do.

When we come across this article we send the following command and we prepare our bot / api documents according to the answers.
When sending commands to the bot, the commands must have an apostrophe “/”. This command  “/newbot”  is the name of the command to create a new bot.

# When you write this message the application asks you what the bot’s username will be this time. At this stage, you need to add _bot to the end of your bot name.

# The answer is that the process is complete and now the bot is active, you want descriptions, profile, picture or other command details to view the relevant link is enough to use the application can quickly share.
For support, the bot tells you that you need to access support with a username and sends you a list of Api Code and api documents.
Now you have BOTID information. You can use this in other telegram communication applications.

ChatID (Chat ID number)
to reach this information

When you send

you will receive this kind of information

The id between is your chat id information.
Chatid and Api ID information is required together in the applications. You should use them in your application.