How to Create a LAN Connection in VMware Workstation

Networking in VMware Workstation was the same as before, with the versions. You can create a LAN connection and run multiple virtual machines on VMware Workstation and work on the same network with these machines. We will see step by step how to create a network in VMware Workstation 8.

Now Let’s See How to Create a LAN Connection in VMware Workstation

After creating and managing folders of our virtual machines, click one of the virtual machines we created in the Library pane. Settings and detail information of the machine, properties are shown in the window of the VMware interface as in the picture below,


Now, we click on the edit virtual machine settings option in the window that opens. When we turn this option on, a new dialog opens. In the window that opens, we can now make all the settings of the virtual machine.

Now, click on Network Adapter, and let’s take a look at the interface options. We will see what options are available for our network settings.
  1.  Bridged: Allows us to connect our virtual machine directly to the physical network.
  2.  NAT: This option allows you to share the host’s IP address.
  3.  Virtual machine: This option allows us to connect only with the host or host.
  4.  Private: This option allows us to make our own custom network settings.
  5.  LAN Settings: We will work on this option segment. The Lan segment option allows us to group virtual machines by different networks or Lan segments.

Now let’s click on the part with Lan settings. A new dialog opens here. In the window that opens, click the add button below and give the name of the network. For example, click LAB1, then OK.


We click OK as seen in the picture above.

Now you can click on the option opened above and here we click OK on the LAB1 option. Our virtual machine MBG-DC1 is now in the LAB1 segment. Finally, we start the operating system and configure the IP address of the operating system.

I hope it was a useful article.