How to Configure the LHG 60G

LHG 60G Access Point  The following figure describes how to configure the Access Point.

The features that the LHG60 possesses are compact in size and simple to install, making it the main choice for price performance.

LHG 60 Features

The main features of the LHG 60 are indicated below. We can see that it is mainly designed for low budget and high rate network infrastructures.

  • 1Gbit full duplex (wire speed)
  • Works in the 60GHz spectrum
  • Familiar LHG design
  • Quad-core ARM CPU
  • Low cost and low weight
  • Longer distance than 100m

The settings made by the Access Point are shown in the illustrations.


Mikrotik LHG60 Access Point configuration
Mikrotik LHG60 Access Point configuration

Wireless Security Profiles Configuration

Internet data transfer for security. Security profiles password and encryption format are determined on both Access Point and Station Bridge.


The step-by-step settings of the Station Bridge are described in the illustrations.


In order to connect to the Access Point device broadcasting on the Station Bridge side, the following command is written to the new terminal and scanning is performed.

Using scan command the interface operation is disabled (wireless link is disconnected during the scan operation)

Currently, it is impossible to do background scans.


Mikrotik LHG60 Station Bridge configuration
Mikrotik LHG60 Station Bridge configuration


We tried to explain the LHG 60 configuration simply.
I hope it was useful.