How to Configure Proxy for Yum Repository on Linux Operating Systems

In this article, we will see how to Configure Proxy for Yum Repository. If our servers are accessing the internet via a “Proxy Server“, we can see that even if we can access the internet when we run a command such as “yum install package-name“, we can’t access it. In such a case, the settings that we will talk about in our article should be made.

1. We open the “etc/yum.conf” file on our server and edit it as follows.

2. After this process, when we try to install the package again, we will see that it has been successfully installed.

3. If we need to configure the “Proxy Server” on the command line at our request, we must enter the following variables in our “.bash_profile” file.

In this way, we have finished the installation.

I hope it was a useful article.