How to Configure Mikrotik SXT and QRT as Point to Point(Bridge and Station)

In this post you will Learn about How to Configure two Mikrotik Routerboard SXT and QRT as Point to Point(one as Access Point and other as a station).

Step by step the bridge and the configuration of the station bridge will tell you how to do it.

Step 1 

The first step is the wireless configuration of the antenna.

step 2

HT configurations are performed in the second step.

step 3

The NV2 password is generated in the second step.
TDMA period you select 2ms.
If the distance of the cell radius antenna is made and it is done for 10 km, the signal loss will be less.

step 4

The fourth step is the bridge.

step 5

In the bridge formed in the fourth step, wlan1 and ether 1 port are added.

I tried to explain it in a very simple way, I hope it was useful.