How to Configure Mikrotik Routeros v6 3G / 4G Modem and Sms Configuration

Mikrotik with the existing line can back up with 3g/4g modem, or any problems with that at present isp connection between the processor system status, etc. can provide something been lost in the notifying you via SMS.

You can see 3g / 4g modem and 3g / 4g MiniPCI card list supported by your router.

Now, we’re looking at a 3g / 4g modem to the USB port on the Mikrotik, to check the USB port and see if it recognized the modem.

Default comes as int PPP-out and is in disable mode.

After you connect with winbox to enable, you are enabling interface PPP-out.

Now we will make the settings for 3g / 4g.

The connected USB port is selected and the APN checkbox mgb is written to Turkcell.

3G / 4G Modem
3G / 4G Modem

In the ppp tab, the phone part is written as * 99 #, the dial command section is ide ATDT, and the add default route is marked.

3G / 4G Modem

Now status is connected, connected and received ip information.

3G / 4G Modem
3G / 4G Modem Status

Now we have to add a rule to the firewall, to bring the local network to the internet.

Now users can use the line over 3g / 4g.

Now let’s set SMS

Under the Tools-SMS menu, we activate the SMS reception.

Tools-SMS menu
Tools-SMS menu

Now you can see this in the inbox box, even when you can specify the secret to send SMS and you can send SMS by just typing that code in each SMS or you can only accept certain numbers and accept the SMS from those numbers.

Send SMS menu, to send SMS.


Now let’s check the SMS to our phone.

Now we are going to send the notification to us when the script is down with an IP down.

To do this, set the SMS under the tool menu, not watch to make the necessary settings.

System script,

Add a new script

System script
System script

We’re going to write the same one when it’s up.

Now with the netwatch tool underneath the tool menu, we will send sms after 9 seconds.

We show the scripts that we write under Up & down menus, and when the status is down or up, it will run the script based on that.


up for
up for
up down
up down

Let’s test now that I’ve added a drop rule in the direction out of firewall to


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