How to Create Cisco Router Password for Different Modes?

I want to show you in this article basic routing configuration. But before this ı must explain the mod of routing. Now let starting.

There are 3 main modes of routing.  User mode, privileged mode, global configuration mode. there are some more modes but all of them are under the global configuration mode.

 route>This mode is named user mode. Provides only some basic monitoring commands such as; show version, show flash, show IP interface brief and ping, traceroute.  modifications and configuration are not allowed in this mode.

 route#  This mode is named privileged mode. İn this mode is passed from the user-mode with the enable command. provide monitoring and some troubleshooting.

router(config)#  This mode is named global configuration mode. provide all configuration that affects the entire router.


ASSİGNİNG CONSOLE PASSWORD:  This password is for the console connection.

ENABLE PASSWORD: This is for the enable mode.

ENABLE SECRET PASSWORD: This password is for the enable mode as well but this is invisible. if this is used, the enable password becomes invalid.

ASSİGNİNG AUX PASSWORD: This password for the  access on the modem

ASSİGNİNG TELNET PASSWORD:     This password for the remote access


This command sets the timeout for the console connection. The first number After the exec-timeout is minute, the second number is the second.  

This command blocks console messages that suddenly pop up and interrupt your entries you try to write.

used to put any interface comments

banner message for the caution

All messages are visible except the enable secret password. When someone uses show running-config command on the router.  This command is used to make passwords invisible.


I hope it was a useful article.