How To Boost BSNL Broadband Speed


BSNL broadband is the best Internet Service Provider in India. BSNL gives good internet connection speed at a low price. BSNL gives very well downloading and uploading speed at a low price. Most of the internet users are now have started to use BSNL broadband for using the Internet. Many people are using it for a long time.

BSNL offers high-speed download and uploads up to a certain limit. For example, if you have a plan of Rs 800 then your download and upload speed will decrease after reaching the 4GB mark. It particularly depends on your broadband plan.

Here in this article, we are sharing one method that you can use to improve your downloading and uploading speed without paying extra money or changing your plan.

But before we Begin you need to do a speed test of your connection. In the video given below, you can see the actual speed of BSNL broadband with RS 800 Unlimited plan


Method 1: By Disabling Reserved Bandwidth


You already have configured BSNL broadband connection in Windows. After configuring BSNL broadband connection you need to disable reserved bandwidth. We already have published the article on disabling reserved bandwidth in Windows. You need to disable reserved Bandwidth to boost your internet performance. Also, you watch this video tutorial on how to disable reserved bandwidth in Windows


Method 2: By changing DNS Settings


The main reason behind the slow internet connection of BSNL is their DNS server. By default and are added in the DNS settings. you need to change them to get maximum speed.

By changing your DNS Settings you can boost your Internet Speed. To know more about How to change DNS settings you can read this article. You can use Google’s popular public DNS settings to enhance your Internet Speed.


Method 3: Use Ad Blocker


You can use ad block plus or any other Google Chrome or Firefox extensions to block advertisements and increase internet connection speed.
Firefox users can use FlashBlock extension to block flash content such as videos and flash games. Also, you can disable image loading in Firefox to increase Internet Connection Speed. In Google Chrome you can change the Chrome Settings to disable flash and other plugins. Also, you can disable image loading in Google Chrome.


Method 4: Update Drivers


If you are using old drivers on your latest hardware then it can reduce your internet speed. In order to fully utilize your hardware, you need the latest drivers. You can get the latest drivers by using the driver manager in Windows.

We already have uploaded a video on updating drivers In windows. You can watch this video tutorial to know more. However, if you are using the latest Linux distros such as Ubuntu 14 then you don’t need to worry about drivers.


Method 5: Use Linux For Browsing Internet


It is true that networking in Linux is more stable and secure than Windows or any other operating system. Many websites use Linux servers to serve their websites. Internet connection speed in Linux is slightly better than Windows, also you can see the speed remains constant during a file download. If you are using Linux then first you need to configure your BSNL connection before using it.

I hope these tips will help you in increasing the internet connection speed. If you are still Unhappy with your internet connection speed then it is better to pay the extra money and get a better plan. Also, do regular speed tests to know your actual internet speed.