How to Block Game Applications with Mikrotik Router

How about if you become a network admin in a workplace, but many employees play online games on mobile phone, or even most of them addicted to playing online games.

While you are assigned by the boss to block access to online games that make the employees less responsibility with their respective work obligations. We will discuss in this tutorial.

The game apps that will be targeted for blocked access are examples of apps like Clash of Clans for other online games can be tried on their own by following the same way there are only a few that are distinguished.

Here I will exemplify it through the putty application or via telnet. Here I will just give an example How to Block Game Applications on Mikrotik Router, so make sure that the router is connected to the internet along with giving IP dynamic/static to the client.

1-Open Winbox Or Putty, here I will use putty to access the Mikrotik Routerboard, as usual, the hostname or IP address field is filled with IP gateway router and connection type using telnet (up).

How to Block Game Applications with Mikrotik Router
How to Block Game Applications with Mikrotik Router


2-After Successful access it will ask for username and password, enter username and password of your Mikrotik router board

How to Block Game Applications with Mikrotik Router
How to Block Game Applications with Mikrotik Router


3-If you are able to log in then we start the firewall configuration to block access some game applications. Go to the Filter Rule menu on IP -> Firewall. Add a new rule. By this command:

Here below the explanation of the above command:

  • The chain is filled with forward because the packets in the game application pass through the router instead of incoming and outgoing packets
  • Src address is filled with IP or target network, the target will not be able to access the online game application. If we fill with IP then only the IP itself hit the block but if we use the network then all the IP belonging to the network will be hit by the block.
  • Protocol filled with TCP, yes it is the clash of clans game using TCP protocol !! not UDP
  • Port is filled with the port number from 9330 until 9340 because access clash of clans application using such port
  • In-interface is filled with the interface that leads to the client / to the target. Here my target lies in interface ether1
  • Out interface is filled with an interface that becomes the source of internet access of the client. Here I get internet from interface ether2
  • Action filled with the drop because yes … surely friends know why filled with the action drop. In order for access to be rejected or not allowed then the router will discard the packet.

4-Sometimes if you just configure the rule to block access based on my experience the rule is not running smoothly it will block access beyond the alleged admin. But such cases are rare. Here I just anticipate that we need to create the last rule after creating many rules for access block. The last Rule we will create is a rule that will allow all access other than the blocking access that has been created. It’s easy to just create it with the following command:


if all the above steps are done correctly then when the client wants to access the game application then the view of the game application will only display loading login to the game and will not be able to enter.

The display state of the app will not change and will continue loading. The app will not give NO INTERNET CONNECTION notification but it will continue loading and trying to get into the game.

How? easy rather than blocking the access of a gaming app. If you want to add another game application block just add the rule to firewall just like the above as distinguished is the only port-number game you want to block.