How to Memory is Released When Memory Swells in MikroTik

Mikrotik devices swell their memory when they work for a certain period of time. This leads to a reduction in the efficiency of Mikrotik devices. This causes the internet speed to decrease or slow down. What can be done to prevent this slowness?

If you select the dashboard > add memory to see the memory occupancy rate in Mikrotik devices, you will see the memory.

dashboard > add memory
dashboard > add memory

Total memory and to see how much is free;
system> Resources



mikrotik system resources memory
MikroTik system resources memory

Here we see Total Memory, Free Memory.
Also, in this interface, we see CPU, CPU Frequency, CPU load, Total HDD size, Free HDD space, Board name, version information.

The first step; for this is to manually reboot the device.

Mikrotik system reboot
Mikrotik system reboot

The second step; is to reboot by writing the Mikrotik new terminal command.

mikrotik new terminal
Mikrotik new terminal


The third step; The best method is to reboot our Microtic device regularly to free up memory. It is best to write the schedule script and reboot at certain times of the day.

mikrotik schedule
Mikrotik schedule

As we did above, it is best to reboot our Mikrotik device regularly and at certain times when traffic is not heavy.

Hope, it has been a useful article.