How do I Reset The Mimosa B5/B5C,B11 and B24 ?

Default IP Address

Mimosa backhaul radios can be accessed either via the wired interface or the 2.4 GHz wireless interface (if applicable). An internal bridge connects the two interfaces. Each interface is assigned a default IP address (see table below), and both addresses respond via either interface. The wired interface can either be set manually to a static IP or changed dynamically via DHCP. The wireless interface IP cannot be changed.


1. The wired Ethernet interface is configured by default to use DHCP with a static failover to the IP address in the table below.
2. If applying power to the radio without populating the PoE Data port, the recovery page will be shown via the wireless interface for 5 minutes. This behavior is normal and is a part of the Reset process. In this case, the default wireless IP will be
ValueWired Ethernet2.4 GHz Wireless*
IP Address192.168.1.20192.168.25.1
Subnet Mask255.255.255.0255.255.255.0

* Does not apply to B5-Lite or C5c PTP.


IP Address Discovery


Run the following command from the command line to discover the IP addresses of any directly connected Mimosa devices.  The string “20:B5: C6” is an Organizationally Unique Identifier (OUI), which is the first half of the MAC address assigned to Mimosa devices.  After executing the command, the IP address will be shown for each device.

Windows / DOS:


Mac / Linux:


The “-i” is required to eliminate case sensitivity.


Port Scan

Run the following command from the command line to discover the port of any directly connected Mimosa devices. This is especially useful if the port has been changed, and you do not remember the port number.


No CDP / LLDP Support

Mimosa radios do not respond to either CDP or LLDP at this time.



Backhaul Setup Overview – Detailed process for configuring your device

Accessing the Mimosa Cloud – Firewall adjustments for cloud monitoring (no NAT required)

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