Go Agile Java Development with Spring to Maximize ROI

What is Spring?
Spring is a framework of Java and is highly used by Java developers for developing enterprise applications. Due to its MVC architecture, dependency injection, convention over configuration, it allows developers to focus on designing logics rather than writing boilerplate codes. This helps in developing applications faster and become productive in less time. Spring supports Test-driven projects which ensure bug free delivery of applications

What is Agile?

Agile is a development methodology which encourages quick delivery of applications. Agile development methodology is highly acclaimed due to itsiterative and incremental (evolutionary) approach to software development. This method attempts frequent and short iterations and de-emphasize secondary rework orinterim work resulting in better productivity, speedy delivery and faster revenue.

The rising need to go Agile

You as a developer or developing company might be using the Spring framework for developing applications. On the other hand, you would need to spare some time on testing the application and resolving issues in the same.

In the event of strict project deadlines or demands of the market, how many times have you failed to deliver applications before the actual submission date?

Even if you have managed to meet the deadlines, how many times have you done rework in the applications that have been already delivered?

Almost each one of you at some or the other point might have experienceda time-constraints or might have spent hours in rework and finding bugs in the application. This is where Agile methodology needs to replace traditional/waterfall development methodology for Spring development.

How combining Springwith Agile helps in development

Though Spring is considered as a highly productive framework of Java, the time spent in iteration, testing and rework negate the actual productivity. Moreover, in the urge of delivering quality applications the developers have to compromise days and even months which again repudiate the benefits of Spring framework.

In these scenarios, adopting agile methodology/approach promises faster development and time to market since in agile methodology, testing and iteration of the applications occur simultaneously along with development. This considerably reduces the time of finding and fixing bugs and helps in responding to the requirements on time without succumbing to more investment in terms of time & money. In other words, combining Agile with Spring promises to deliver the best of both the worlds in comparatively shorter time frame.

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Hope after reading this article, you have made up your mind to go Agile.

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