Cisco IOS-Frequently used copy commands

copy running-configuration startup – setup (on the other hand, you can utilize a more seasoned rendition of the direction, WRITE MEMORY): This order spares the ebb and flows arrangement to NVRAM.

On the other hand, we can issue the direction utilizing short shape as underneath

copy running startup  – Copies setup from RAM to NVRAM

copy startup-config running-config – This direction combines setup from NVRAM to RAM.

copy flash tftp – Copies current IOS from switch streak memory to TFTP server.

copy tftp flash – Copies picture record from TFTP server to streak. This is utilized to overhaul the IOS picture document to a more up to date form, or if your IOS picture winds up degenerate.

copy running-config tftp – Copy running arrangement document to TFTP server

copy tftp: startup-config – This order is helpful to reestablish the startup-config document in case the first is lost or degenerate. The direction stacks the startup-config record from a remote TFTP server.

Coming up next are some imperative directions that can be utilized to alter an audit order history support. It will be valuable to hone these directions.

A: Move to the start of the direction line

E: Move to the finish of the direction line

F: Move forward one character, same as utilizing “Right Arrow“.

B: Move in reverse one character, same as utilizing “Left Arrow“.

P: Repeat Previous order, same as utilizing “Up Arrow“.

N: Repeat Next (later) order, the same as utilizing “Down Arrow“.

B: Moves to the start of the last word.

F: Moves to start of next word.

R: Creates new direction provoke, trailed by every one of the characters composed at the last one.