Fix Blue Screen of Death (BSoD) Errors in Windows

BSOD ( Blue Screen of Death)

Cause: Typically caused by driver or hardware conflict
Solution: Take a look at the dump file to figure out exactly what the cause of the error is. Alternatively, update hardware drivers, or consider the situation in which blue screen of death happens ( for example, you’ve installed new hardware or software)
Also, you might want to run hardware Diagnostics.

To settle the blue screen error with the name “INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE“, attempt any of the accompanying fixes clarified beneath:

Solution 1: Run the chkdsk command You require your unique Windows installation disc for this:

  • Insert the installation disc
  • Restart your PC
  • Press any key to boot from the disc
  • Snap Repair your PC
  • Select Troubleshoot, at that point Advanced Options, at that point Command Prompt
  • Type this command:

  • Hit Enter

Solution 2: Reconfigure BCD

  • In the event that the Boot Configuration Data (BCD) has been harmed, rebuild it:
  • Boot from the original install disk
  • Click Repair your PC
  • Pick Troubleshoot, at that point Command Prompt
  • Type the following commands:

  • Type exit and remove the installation disk from the disk tray
  • Hit Enter
  • Restart the computer

Solution 3: Check for faulty RAM module or hardware

On the off chance that you have numerous RAM modules, try to remove all of them except one and reboot your system.

Likewise, if you recently added a new piece of hardware to your computer, remove it and reboot the system.

a) Run the chkdsk command

You need the original Windows 8 installation disk to run Command Prompt:

Insert the disc and restart your PC

  • Press any key to boot from the disc
  • Click Repair your computer
  • Select Troubleshoot, then Advanced Options, then Command Prompt
  • Type this command:

  • Hit Enter

b) Check the cables

Make sure all your hard disk cables are connected properly.

c) Reinstall Windows or replace the hard disk

If process a) or Method b) above do not fix the error, you reinstall Windows or replace your hard disk with a new one.