Fix All Structured Data Errors

structured data errors

It’s time to fix some common errors in your blog. In this blog post, we are going to discuss common structured data errors. You can use Google webmaster tools to detect them. Google already added Structured Data in blogger templates but there’s a common error in Structured Data markup like missing the required field, not part of the schema, etc… This common error affects your search appearance and affects your site crawling. This format has a common problem such as missing required field updated. This affects search appearance. To correct these errors, I’m sharing this article with you. Many people’s use Google webmaster structured data testing tool for determining the structure of the web page. While using this tool many people’s get an error regarding their structure page Contains Property “image_url” Which Is Not Part of The Schema Error can be easily fixed


by deleting


from the entire template. But, wait that’s not the correct solution. because after deleting

“<meta expr: content=’ data: post.firstImageUrl’ itemprop=’image_url’/>” code from your entire template you lose an important ability of your template or web page to give information about the thumbnails and images used on the web page to search engines. Also when you share your posts on social networking sites like Google Plus and Facebook, the thumbnail used for the post doesn’t appear. I recommend you to add Facebook open graph meta description tags in your blogger template or website so the images used in the web page can appear correctly while sharing it on Facebook. And don’t forget about twitter, and remember to add twitter cards metadata.

HERE IS THE REAL SOLUTION: Fix Page Contains Property “image_url” Which Is Not Part of The Schema Error

Go into your blog template or Html code of you web page.
Search for:

now replace this code with the code given below:

We have replaced the ‘image_url’ with ‘image’ to fix the error.

Fix Missing Required Field Updated Error

This means that Search engines can’t find the date it was published or last updated.
To fix it use the guide below:
Find this code:

Replace it with this code:

Bingo! now you have fixed missing required field updated error!

Page Contains Property blogid, postid Which Is Not Part of The Schema Error

structured data errors
In the rich snippets tool, many users get an error related to blog id and post id. Given below are some examples:
  • Error: Page contains property “blogid” which is not part of the schema.
  • Error: Page contains property “postid” which is not part of the schema.
For fixing these errors you can follow the steps given below.
  1. Make a backup of your template.
  2. Go into your template code.
  3. Search for the below codes and delete them from the entire template and save the template..

This error is not so harmful, you can leave it as it is. After deleting these codes from your blog template you can check your structured data in rich snippets tool. If you are still getting the same error then try deleting all the codes given above from your blogger template.

How To Fix Missing Required Field hCard”, author”

Recently our fellow blog reader asked us how to fix missing required field hCard “author” error. missing required field hCard “author” error means search engines are unable to find the name or Google plus profile URL of the person that has written the blog post. This error can be easily fixed by adding a simple code in your blogger template. Add the code given below where you want your author profile to appear. In the screenshot given below, you can see where my author profile appears in my blog pots. Remember that you need to add this code inside your post body. Add this code right after “<data:post.body/>” tag.

Fix Missing Required Field hCard"authot"

You don’t need to make changes in this code. Just add this code in your blogger template and it will automatically find the name and Google plus URL of the person that has published the post. Also when someone mouses over your author profile, it automatically opens up a small Google plus profile box.

After adding this simple piece of code you will see that the hCard”author” error is fixed. This code also contains rel=’author’ tag so it will help you to verify authorship markup. In one word I can say that this code is all in one code to tell the search engines that you are the real author of your blog post.

Visit this link to see whether all the errors are fixed or not: link to structured data testing tool. When all the errors will get fixed, please check that while sharing a post the thumbnail of the post is appearing correctly or not. And one thing that forgot to tell that even default blogger templates contains structured data errors so don’t worry too much about structured data errors and they are very easy to fix. I hope this article will help you to kick out all the structured data errors in your blogger template. Peace and blessings!