Error Message on the Login Page Hotspot Mikrotik

Explanation of Error Message on Mikrotik Hotspot Login Page

Login page Hotspot Mikrotik error message appears when you want to login to the Mikrotik Hotspot. What should we do? Hold down the question first. There are some error messages that can appear when we want to login to Mikrotik Hotspot. Each Mikrotik hotspot error message has different causes and solutions. Let’s see and learn first what error messages that can appear on the hotspot Mikrotik and what the problem.


There are two types of error messages on the Mikrotik hotspot, ie fatal error, and non-fatal error. The fatal error appears in a separate HTML file named error.html. While non-fatal errors basically indicate user errors during login and are displayed on the login page (usually appearing below the login form).
Let’s see some Explanation Error Message on Login page Hotspot Mikrotik :

General non-fatal errors:

You are not logged in :
This error message appears when we try to access the status page (HTTP: // hotspot/status) or try logging off when our account is not logged in HTTP: // hotspot/status) or try logging off when our account is not logged in
Solution: login first
Already authorizing, retry later :
The authentication process is still in process, while the user has requested for authentication again, even though the previous process has not been completed.
Solution: Wait for the process to finish, then try again.

Chap-missing = web browser did not send challenge response (try again, enable JavaScript) :
User tries to login with HTTP-CHAP method using the MD5 hash, but HotSpot server does not know challenge used for hash. This can happen if we press the Back button on the web browser; if JavaScript is not enabled in the web browser; if the login.html page is invalid; or if the challenge value has expired on the server (more than 1 hour of inactivity).
Solution: instructing the browser to reload the login page is usually helpful if JavaScript is enabled and the login.html page is valid.

Invalid username ($ (username)): this MAC address is not yours :
The user tries to log in using a different MAC address username from the MAC address of the user that should be.
Solution: The MAC Address used on the user when logged in must match the existing database on the hotspot server. Please login hotspot manager if this error message appears.

Session limit reached ($ (error-orig)) :
This error message appears when the hotspot user has run out of session. This happens when the hotspot user is limited to his login time, for example, Trial users are limited to just 10 minutes just to log in.
Solution: Wait a while, then try logging in again. If the error message still appears, contact the hotspot manager to ensure your users are not delimited session.

Hotspot service is shutting down :
The system on RouterOS (hotspot server) is restarting or shutdown again.
Solution: Wait until the hotspot service can be used again

General fatal errors:

Internal error ($ (error-orig)) :
This error message should never happen. But if it appears, the error.html page will display this error message (error-orig will explain what happened).
Solution: Fix the error reported in the error message (This is done by the hotspot manager)

Configuration error ($ (error-orig)) :
Something is not true on the Hotspot Server settings, so the error message appears (error-orig will explain what happened).
Solution: Fix the error reported in the error message (This is done by the hotspot manager)

Can not assign IP address – no more free addresses from the pool :
Users can not get IP Address from IP Pool provided by Hotspot Server, because there is no IP Address available (IP Address is exhausted/used all)
Solution: Make sure his Hotspot Server has enough IP Address on its IP Pool. If for example his User is too much from IP Address provided, can use 2 Hotspot Server.

Local HotSpot user database non-fatal errors:

Invalid username or password
This error message appears if the user entered their username and/or password incorrectly.
Solution: check the user and password again, make sure it is correct.
User $ (username) is not allowed to log in from this MAC address
User tries to log in from MAC Address that is different from that in User Database Server Hotspot.
Solution: Log in with the appropriate MAC Address, or remove the MAC Address limitation on its Hotspot Server.

user $ (username) has reached uptime limit :
This error message appears when the user is limited to his uptime and has passed the limit uptime limit.
Solution: Ask the hotspot manager to remove his uptime limit

the user, $ (username) has reached traffic limit and limit-bytes-in or limit-bytes-out :
Almost the same as the previous error message, the user traffic is on the limit on the hotspot Server.
Solution: Ask the hotspot manager to remove his traffic limit

no more sessions are allowed for user $ (username) :
This error message arises because the number of usernames that can log in at the same time is up. For example, the guest user can be used by 10 people, if the person to 11 wants to login using this guest username it will appear this error message because it is limited to the number of its shared-users.
Solution: wait for another user with the username to log out, or try logging in with another user whose shared-users are still available.

RADIUS client non-fatal errors:

invalid username or password : 
RADIUS Server rejects the username and password entered because there is an error in the username and/or password. Solution: Try to check the username and password entered if it is correct but still can not log in, contact the hotspot manager to check the user log RADIUS Server. <error_message_sent_by_radius_server> : Consult the RADIUS server documentation for more information

RADIUS client fatal errors:

The RADIUS server is not responding
This RADIUS error message appears because the RADIUS Server is not accessible to the user, so the user does not get any response from the requested authentication process.
Solution: Check if the RADIUS Server is running and can be accessed from Hotspot Server.

Such are some Error Messages that may appear when we login to Mikrotik hotspot along with the explanation and its short solution. Hope can help you who often find error message login page hotspot Mikrotik them.