Edge Switch – Edge Point Mikrotik Romon Access Problem Troubleshooting

Hello there,

The UBNT EdgeSwitch and EdgePoint EP-S16 models were experiencing many revolutions in the past over MAC Discovery Access.

If you have a problem with the mac-discovery protocol (L2) between Romon Mikrotik uygulan s devices (L2), the following steps must be implemented by connecting to your Ubnt Edge Series Switches via SSH, TELNET or CONSOLE .;


NOTE: This application has been performed in the test environment and has not been tested on active working systems,
Do not forget to take the backup just in case before applying the rules!

If you cannot connect your switches with SSH, you can enable the SSH connection of your Switches with this article: https://goo.gl/svdGwe

This booklet is used when performing the above application: https://goo.gl/uAT9nk (Pages: 386 to 399)

I wish everyone good work.