Download Winbox For Mikrotik Router

Download Winbox Mikrotik

What is Winbox? Here is the notion of winbox. Winbox is a utility that is used to perform remote server to proxy mode GUI (Graphical User Interface). So with this, you do not have to bother typing in commands Mikrotik Router, just a click away. If Mikrotik RouterOS installed on a PC, then to configure the proxy in text mode via the PC itself, whereas for the GUI mode using this winbox proxy configuration through client computer course with winbox Mikrotik downloads first.

Configure proxy through winbox more widely used because in addition to its use of simple we also do not have to memorize commands Mikrotik RouterOS. All orders are already available in the form of a Graphical Menu on Winbox. So just select and click the menu what you want.

Winbox Features

Winbox main function is to exist in the proxy settings, means the main task is to set its winbox or arrange Mikrotik  Router with a GUI, or desktop display

The more detailed winbox function is

  1. Setting the Mikrotik router
  2. for setting bandwidth Internet network
  3. for setting block a site
  4. and many other distinguished.

To get winbox, you can download Winbox or can also get winbox of your proxy.

How to open your browser, write in the address bar http: //ipaddressrouter/winbox/winbox.exe



Download Winbox Mikrotik  winbox_new version

Open winbox it will appear like this


Here is an example of Winbox

I hope it has been a useful article.