Clipping paths

Clipping an area is just like normal canvas shape it helps in masking the unnecessary parts of the shapes. The image towards the right showcases a masked image. The star which is red in color will be used to clip through the surface .what ever the area that falls outside this clipping area will not be displayed.

In this post, we will discuss the clipping paths using the canvas clip() method.



These canvas elements – clip() method can be used to create a new clipping path. By default, this canvas element has a
clipping path that has the same size as that of the canvas.


A clip example


In the underneath precedent, a round clasp is utilized to diminish the zone of the stars that are spread over the image.

At first, a dark square shape out of sight is drawn utilizing the canvas draw() component utilizing the inception to the inside. Underneath this, around cut-out way is drawn utilizing a curve. If we needed to keep the first section way we should spare the canvas state before we make another one.