Cisco Router Architecture

 Memory Details of a Typical Cisco Router



This memory is similar to the memory in PCs. The measure is a quick memory and loses its substance when the framework is restarted (control cycled).

The DRAM has Main Processor Memory and Shared Input/Output (I/O) memory.

Principle Processor Memory is utilized to hold directing tables, quick exchanging store, running arrangements, et cetera. It can take unused shared I/O memory, if necessary.

Shared I/O memory is utilized for the transitory capacity of bundles in framework supports.




Streak memory is normally situated on a processor board SIMM card. Streak is a changeless stockpiling for the Cisco IOS programming picture, reinforcement designs, and some other records. Cisco IOS programming is kept running from the glimmer memory, these picture records are characterized as re-locatable, in light of the fact that the Cisco IOS programming picture can be executed from various areas in the Flash.




NVRAM is a Non-Volatile RAM utilized as lasting stockpiling and this memory is re-writeable. NVRAM is utilized to store the startup setup. This is the setup document that IOS peruses after the switch OS is stacked and running. It is a quick non-unstable memory and does not lose substance when the switch is turned off.




This alludes to erasable programmable read-just memory (EPROM) and is utilized to forever store the startup symptomatic code (ROM Monitor), and RxBoot. Boot ROM estimate is 2 MB. This kind of memory comprises at least one memory chips on a switch’s processor board. This code runs when the switch begins.