CISCO CCNA Network Training

MODUL 1: Network Basics

• Basic knowledge.
• To explain the layered model.
• Describe the OSI reference model.
• Describe the network specificity of the layers.
• Explain the Cisco Three-Layer Model.
• Connect Cisco devices.

Cisco © produces network devices such as Hub, Router, Switch.
The first computer networks were realized among the companies’ own products. for example
IBM operating systems using IBM network devices
they could.
The OSI model allowed manufacturers to produce interoperable network devices. She
model on a computer, other over network media (media)
the transfer to the application on the computer.

Layered Approach
The reference model is a conceptual description of communication. Two computers (devices)
Explains the operations required for communication between layers. Layer
Thanks to the model, complex network operations are divided into manageable small parts. Just
application and device designers that may change communication over a single layer
flexible operation.