Automatic Reboot Every Day at Mikrotik

You want to eliminate the static and fatigue by resetting your Mikrotik device in a very busy area or at certain times.

After selecting the New terminal from the left menu, you can reboot at 5 am each morning by running the following command.



If you do not have a time definition on your device, you can use the time zone and NTP (Network Time Protocol Server) to start the automatic clock.


To Define Time Zone.



NTP Server information. You can enter as,
If your AP device is in a block that can be connected to the Internet, it must be bypassed if it is behind the hotspot.
if you cannot bypass it, you can only add SNTP server addresses as Accepted in the IP / Hotspot / Wallgarden IP list.

If you want to do from the Mikrotik Interface from the system part can be set from the scheduler.



I hope it has been a useful article.