About top 5 desktop PC issues link in description below

Problem 1: computer restarting multiple times.
Cause: software or Windows updates or a virus
Solution: Let the Windows updates Finish Windows updates alone can restart the computer many times and take a long time.
Run a virus scan
Problem 2:  Suddenly, applications or computer behaving abnormally.
 For example, Software keeps crashing, missing files or runs slow.

 Cause: virus infection or a hard drive going bad.
 Solution: Run virus scan (check issue 4 for steps).   Check  Windows system logs for NTFS system errors or other HD related logs. Replace HD if necessary.
Problem 3: internet or website issue error: “404 pages not found”.
Cause: page is missing or deleted.  Wrong website link or website is down.

Solution: If the specific page is missing search the website for the desired content.
Double check the website link because It may have been changed if all pages are 404 contact website owner.
Problem 4:  Computer is running hot overheating…
Cause:  Poor airflow (not enough system fans), dust or dirt accumulation.
CPU fan not working CPU Heatsink is loose.  PSU (Power supply unit) fan is not working. The computer case is open Overclocking. Room or ambient temperature is too high.
Solution: Add system or case fans. Clean your computer from dust.  If the CPU fan is not working replace it, if CPU heatsink is loose attach it. If PSU ( power supply unit) fan is not working replace the power supply unit.  Close the computer case Stop Overclocking.  Lower room temperature or move the computer.
Problem 5:  Low memory, RAM or HD storage.
Cause: Too many programs open such as games, video editing software large Excel spreadsheets and its see task manager. HD storage too small.
Solution: Close application that uses too much RAM and only uses one at a time. Perform disk cleanup to free up space this should you remove (recycle bin, download folder, cache data, temp files, old OS(operating system) restore points). Alternatively,  you can purchase more RAM or ADD a second HD Link in Description.