5 key features of HTML5

HTML5, the latest version of HTML series offers a number of unique features that will change the way websites and users interact between them.Even though HTML5 has got many features it has got 5 important features which revolutionize the way users view websites and clearly distinguish them from the previous versions. HTML5 will significantly change the way websites are designed.Search engines will get access to tap into a richer source of information.

Already HTLM5 has found a place in ipods ,ipads and google andriod mobile phones.Let me just showcase the major features of HTML5.some of the key elements are

1)Video elements: Designers can now build web pages without depending on third-party proprietary plug-in software like Flash. YouTube is now experimenting with using HTML 5 to display video. Built in video controls makes the feature more attractive and easy to use.If this feature comes into effect this would be a perfect replacement to flash plugins.

2.Application cache:you can now store web apps much like emails locally. Google has already made use of this feature replacing its Google Gears mail client with HTML 5. Google Wave also uses HTML5.

3.Canvas for Images:The canvas element that comes with HTML5 lets a developer to manipulate graphics and photos enabling easy rendering of images.Designers no longer need to depend on intermediate technologies like jQuery. This will help saving development time and effort.

4.Geolocation: The HTML5 Geolocation feature enables location identification using various geo location technologies like GPS (Global Positioning system), IP address, RFID (Radio frequency ID),Wi-Fi,Bluetooth MAC address and GSM/CDMA cell IDs. The system is bound by privacy regulations and needs to be authorized by individuals before it can be utilized.

5.Web workers: This feature enables a web application to execute complex tasks independently without interfering with the performance of a webpage in real-time.

These are the 5 features that clearly says that HTML5 has a huge role to play in the near future.