10 New Android Apps for Web Developers

Android mobile phones are considered as an ideal substitute for the development platform of your laptop or desktop. The Android apps for web developers have been specifically designed as the alternate mobile solution for the typical desktop software. In addition, these apps are quite handy when you are traveling to a certain location. If you are a web developer, then you will find that these applications have sufficient functionality for testing and writing your brilliant code ideas. The use of gadgets is increasing day by day and is making our life easy.

            People are going for the latest gadgets and new Android apps so as to enjoy some great experience and work efficiently. People are also getting aware of the fact that gadget insurance is a must need in today’s time. Since the gadgets of today are expensive, it is really impossible for most of us to buy a new one every now and then. Thus taking care of your gadget is really essential and there can be nothing better than getting your gadgets insured so that you can use it tension free.

In the case of developing apps, the necessary skills are required by Android developers for paying the bills. On the other hand, there are certain tools that will help you to save a substantial amount of money and time. If you are using the new apps available on the android market, you can practically develop a web page from almost nothing.


So here are a few of the new apps you must have on your android phone:


  • Magic Color Picker: This app enables you to browse different colors. You can do this through a color wheel. This particular app provides you the true value of the color.
  • And FTP: A JAVA application called the And FTP lets you access your web servers through your mobile phone. And FTP lets you upload, and download files, rename them and delete them. You can also create new files and folders using this app.
  • Camera Illusion: A camera application named Camera Illusion allows you to take pictures as well as preview them. This can be done with filters, masks, and effects. All of this in real time.
  • CSS Cheat Sheet: A CSS developer should have a CSS Cheat Sheet. This is an app you can use to learn different aspects of the CSS language.
  • Flicker Upload Pro: If you are a graphic designer, then, Flicker Uploader Pro is a must-have for you.
  • Photo Workshop: A photo editing application, which offers various features, is Photo Workshop.
  • Photobucket Mobile: A web developer will always have to access his or her photo bucket. Hence, Photobucket Mobile is the best possible option.
  • View Web Source: If you want an application which enables you to view page sources of a web site, go for View Web Source.
  • WordPress: There is a particular app that has been designed to enable bloggers to remain up to date with their web pages. It is called WordPress. It is the most commonly used app among bloggers.

Now, if you are a web developer, you will always look for apps which would be of use to you. You might require an FTP client if you want to move files or a code viewer if you want to have a look at source codes from web pages. These are just to name a few. The Play Store lets you browse and download apps. When you want to, you can also update these apps. JAVA is the language, which is used to develop applications. This is done using the Android software development kit (SDK). In conclusion, if you have the above-mentioned apps on your android phone, web designing is just a child’s play for you.