website is the gateway to your online business. It’s a medium to convey your thoughts, your offerings and your products to your potential customers. A business that has a great web design often wins in keeping online visitors engaged on their websites. Overall a web design is the first impression for your brand hence a great website should be meshed up. The design should be simple, clear and appealing with the best navigation for the customers to make their purchases super easy through your website. There are many Calgary web design companies but you must choose wisely to get an effective website for your business.

In simple words, lets a good web design should follow simple rules of designing to be qualified as a quality web design. So lets have a look at these simple rules

Rule 1: Clean, clear and simplistic design that gets into the mind of the visitors and they do not have to find things to navigate through it.

Rule 2: Engaging design that connects the visitors with the content of the website. Creative logo design in Calgary makes a brand recognizable. The easy and catchy it is, the best it would be remembered by the people.

Rule 3: No articulated content. Plain simple language that’s easy to read and navigate.

Rule 4: Consistency- A great design always has a correct flow and consistency in it. This consistency must be followed across all web pages designed for the website.

Rule 5: Use high resolution quality images creating a balance between the graphics and the content on the website.

Rule 6: Choose colours for your design that match the products and services offered by you through your website. Contrasting colours that are a treat for the eyes and facilitate enhanced readability is a boon.

Rule 7: The design should compliment the theme or niche of your website and should be properly organized. Disorganised design often leads potential customers to loose interest and move on to other websites.

Rule 8: Therefore, creating a great design is only possible when designer is focusing on the content and design at the same time. A designer, who fails to understand the purpose of a website, will mostly fail to create a catchy design.

Rule 9: Try to keep the size of your images as small as possible may be not more than 10-12 kb. Many designers concentrate only on the visual appearance of the images over web without realising that heavy images can decrease the productivity of your images as they will have delayed load times.

Rule 10: Highlight offerings and discounts so that customers are allured to reach those pages directly.

There are no magic rules for a web site layout. Following simple settled design principles will lead to layouts that are fantastic. Creating a web site can be pleasure so long as you comprehend colour scheme, and images, layout, fonts, marketing area.